Here are the instructions for Saturday 9:30AM BRT event

Our App test event will happen soon. Here's what you need to prepare beforehand


BEFORE the Event

1) Have two devices ready You will need at least one phone for testing the app, and a second device (another phone or a laptop) to do the Zoom call and get instructions.

2) Download Zoom on your computer We will use Zoom for video conferencing. Click here to download.

3) Download Participate App on your phone Participate App will open a link during the event so you can give feedback to us while you test the app. Click below to download:

4) Enter Zoom link at 9:30 AM Brazil time (Convert to your timezone) The Zoom room link is

5) Install or update the RealLife App


DURING the Event

Have this page open during the entire event, so you can consult it anytime if you need help.

1) Part 1 - Speaking 🕙 Starts around 10 AM. Ends 10:45 AM (BRT). / 3:45 (CET)


2) Part 2 - Doing the Lesson


3) Answer the survey When the event ends at 12 PM BRT, a link will be sent to you to fill out the survey.